Floor Heating Systems

Photograph showing floor heating systems in a room with cut-away view
This product category includes:

  • Modular Floor Heating
  • Screed Floor Heating
  • Manifolds






  • Floor Heating

    A floor heating system that requires no conventional screed and that is easy to install. That is suitable for renovation and new build and is light, slim, but with a high output. That can be controlled extremely quickly, and on…

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  • Manifold

    Every house needs a heating system - and more and more also needs a cooling system. In turn, every heating and cooling system needs a reliable distribution manifold system.

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  • Screed Floor Heating Systems

    Wherever screed is used, the five systems, VarioRast, VarioFix, VarioClip, VarioRoll or VarioNop, provide the perfect solution for all building situations.

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  • VarioProfile

    Variotherm VarioProfile Pipe   ALUMINIUM MULTI-LAYER COMPOSITE PIPE One (1) PIPE MANY APPLICATIONS AIRTIGHT AND IN SHAPE                  RELIABLE LOCATION                                     Source: Variotherm Heizsysteme GmbH. Note: Images used on this page are copyright Variotherm.

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