Pluggit GmbH

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The fresh air expert with Swedish roots

Founded in 1993 by Swedish engineers, Pluggit GmbH has been developing and selling fan-assisted ventilation systems with heat recovery in Germany since 1995 and claims technological market leadership for this product area.

Since October 2013, the company has belonged as an independent brand to the Soler & Palau Ventilation Group, the world's leading ventilation specialist from Spain. All Pluggit systems can be used universally for all floor plans and living arrangements as well as for new or existing buildings. The centralized and decentralized ventilation systems ensure the minimum air change in buildings required by DIN 1946 Part 6. The basis for action is the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), which prescribes an airtight construction method for residential buildings.

The ventilation systems use highly efficient heat exchangers that preheat the colder supply air with warm exhaust air. The fast and flexible installation of the systems has an extremely positive impact on economic efficiency. The result: Significantly reduced ancillary costs thanks to saved heating energy as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions, less moisture and mold damage and thus a long-term increase in the value of the property. The air-heat element PluggMar, geothermal heat exchanger as well as the AeroFresh humidifier and PluggVoxx for activated air hygiene complete the portfolio.

In 2014, Pluggit extended its product range with the iconVent range, a decentralized ventilation system, the most complete, standard and approval-compliant range of single-room ventilation units with heat recovery.


KETE-RVS OHG is the system partner for Pluggit in the Ukraine.

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