AIK MINI Econom Pro 12

AIK Mini Econom Pro 12


12 kW Brine/Water Heat Pump

Energy label portion for AIK Mini Econom Pro 12



AIK Mini Econom Pro 12

AIK Mini Econom Pro 12 heat pumps are manufactured to European standards. They have been constructed and tested with regard to EU Directives, Regulations and Norms.

The AIK Mini Econom Pro series is the introductory line, and currently the most popular, in the AIK GROUP heat pump range and is suitable for premises up to 250 m².
The AIK MINI Econom Pro range of heat pumps are designed for economical and environmentally friendly heating and hot water supply for houses up to 250 m².

The AIK Mini Econom Pro 12 is one of several models, from 6 kW to 16 kW, in the MINI Econom range that consists of:

    • MINI ECONOM Pro-6
    • MINI ECONOM Pro-8
    • MINI ECONOM Pro-10
    • MINI ECONOM Pro-12
    • MINI ECONOM Pro-16

The main advantage is an affordable price while maintaining excellent quality and high energy efficiency.
The compact size allows you to install in a house or office with a limited area.

Features of the MINI Econom Pro:

    • Heat transfer to 60 ° C
    • Internet connection
    • Telemetry
    • Weather-based management
    • Compact dimensions
    • Low noise level
    • Easy installation and maintenance

Product Features and Technical Data


AIK GROUP Ltd declares under their sole responsibility that the Product:

    Geothermal or Brine/Water Heat Pumps, 3-phase 400 VAC,
    Model Line: AIK MINI Econom PRO 12

is in conformity with requirements of the following EU Directives and Regulations:

    • EU Eco-Design Directive 2009/125/EC
    • Regulation EU No 811/2013 Energy Labelling
    • Regulation EU No 813/2013 implements Eco-Design Directive 2009/125/EC
    • EU Harmonised Standard for Water Heaters 2014/C 207/02 (Testing)
    • EU Regulation 1275/2008 (Stand-by and On/Off)
    • EU EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

The conformity was checked in accordance with the following EN-standards:

    • DIN EN 378-1:2018 Parts 1. 2 3 and 4,
    • DIN EN 14825:2016,
    • DIN EN 14511:2018 Parts 1. 2 3 and 4,
    • DIN EN 12102-1:2018 Part 1,
    • DIN EN 55014-1:2012,
    • DIN EN 55014-2:2016 Part 2,
    • prEN 61000-3-11:2016 (EMC) Part 3-11,
    • DIN EN 61000-3-12:2012 (EMC) Part 3-12,
    • DIN EN 62233:2008, DIN EN 60335-1:2012 Part 1,
    • DIN EN 60335-1/A13:2018 Part 1,
    • DIN EN 60335-2-40:2014 Part 2-40,
    • DIN EN 50581:2013



Technical and Product information is available in the download section.

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KETE-RVS OHG is the Importer and Distributor of AIK Heat Pumps for the European Union.

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