Vitalii Andrushchenko Founder and Director

Vitalii Andrushchenko
Founder and Director

In 1985, the company AIK was founded. AIK focused on the service of refrigeration equipment and heating technology, as well as the production of home furnishings.

Later in 2007, following market requirements, AIK decided to focus the main direction of its activity towards the production of heat pumps. With their program of implementing their variety of AIK heat pump models, they became one of the first producers of heat pumps in the Ukraine.

The company has always characterized the pioneering spirit. AIK pioneered the introduction of innovations in energy-saving equipment. The company has had the  opportunity to visit enterprises in Germany, Sweden, Poland and China. There they were able to learn more about the production of components for energy efficient equipment that also have an ecological profile.

Dmitro Andrushchenko - Managing Director

Dmitro Andrushchenko 
Managing Director

With the growth of business in 2015, the company adopted its new name  AIK Group Ltd. Today it is considered to be one of the leaders of technology in the field of heat pumps in the Ukraine.

AIK GROUP has a daughter company AIK Services Ltd. AIK Services Ltd provides for the consultation, supply and installation of the heat pumps and heat or cooling delivery systems in buildings.








KETE-RVS OHG is the sole importer and distributor for AIK GROUP Ltd products in the European Union.

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