About Us



is a Trading Company bringing EU products related to Climate, Ecology, Technology and Energy to the rest of the world and bringing affordable modern heating technology to the EU.

KETE-RVS  works together with some of the most experienced organisations in the field of energy efficient and ecologically aware climate control technology for buildings.


Rolf Szabo Portrair photo

Rolf Szabo
Founder and Manager




Rolf Szabo, the Founder and Manager of KETE-RVS  has more than 40 years experience in the fields of  Distribution, Sales, Information-technology and Administration. This experience has been gained in the Building, Automotive and Energy industries.




KETE-RVS  is proud to partner with forward thinking EU companies, in the field of Climate Control and Automation for buildings,  who wish to have their products distributed outside the European Union.
We are always on the search for new quality products and partners who wish to enter a market either outside the EU, or into the EU,  but do not have the resources or language to do so.
For EU based companies wishing to enter into markets outside the EU, or companies based outside the EU and wishing to enter the EU market, we at KETE-RVS  can assist you in these respective markets where the spoken languages are German, English, Ukrainian or Russian.



Our Vision

Rapid Stream in Schlucht - Photo by Rolf Szabo
The economical use of finite resources and the reduction of emissions must be our common goal.

KETE-RVS  has the vision to contribute to our national and global energy future through the use and distribution of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products.