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Considering the benefits for the world's Ecology
Using Technology to make more efficient use of energy
Using re-usable energy from nature to benefit our environment

KETE-RVS, Smart-Home, Home Automation, heating and cooling, fireplaces, chimneys

Energy Efficient Heating, Cooling and Smart-Home Systems

KETE-RVS OHG has the vision to contribute to our national and global energy future through the use and distribution of environmental energy efficient products.

KETE-RVS  specialise in the sourcing and/or supply of products for climate control and building automation technology for buildings.

KETE-RVS  now also offers its services in the field of building automation or "Smart-Home" systems. These systems are especially beneficial in improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems and thereby contributing to both energy saving and the ecology.

KETE-RVS is a trading company that is specialising in bringing products related to climate control in buildings and building automation with special emphasis on Ecology, Technology and Energy to the world.


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Our services cover export ex-EU and import into EU (Climate control products)

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KETE-RVS  is proud to partner with forward thinking EU companies, in the field of Climate Control for buildings,  who wish to have their products distributed outside the European Union.
We are always on the search for new quality products and partners who wish to enter a market either outside the EU, or into the EU,  but do not have the resources or language to do so.
For EU based companies wishing to enter into markets outside the EU, or companies based outside the EU and wishing to enter the EU market, we at KETE-RVS  can assist you in these respective markets where the spoken languages are German, English, Ukrainian or Russian.


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Heating and Cooling Technology

Heating and Cooling may be delivered by both active and passive technologies. KETE-RVS endeavour to provide the best solutions with emphasis on environmental consciousness, technological soundness and the ability to provide an environment that nurtures good health and a feeling of well-being.

What is inside:

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Ventilation of your home or building is very important for not only the well-being of the inhabitants but also for the health and longevity of the building. An environmentally conscious ventilation solution promotes the well-being and good health as well as providing potential cost savings with both heating and cooling.

What is inside:

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Distribution Technology

OK! You have the heating and cooling equipment, but what about the technology for distributing the heating and cooling. KETE-RVS have partnered with some of the leading companies in their field to provide well thought-out and efficient system solutions for the distribution of the heating and/or cooling energy. The solutions available are not only for new builds but also for renovations and upgrades.

What is inside:

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KETE-RVS will assist you in designing plus specifying and procuring all the required components for the desired Smart-Home system.

KETE-RVS will happily supply products from our partners to wherever in the world you wish (local and international regulations permitting).

KETE-RVS partners with EU companies that wish to enter markets outside the EU but do not have the resources to do so.

KETE-RVS partners with companies outside the EU that wish to place their products on the EU market.

What is inside:

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Smart-Home - Building Automation

KETE-RVS will assist you in designing plus specifying and procuring all the required components for the desired Smart-Home or building automation system.


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